I was Home for Christmas | 2018 Holiday Season at Walt Disney World

Happy new year everyone! Welcome to 2019, a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. I’m sad that another holiday season has come to an end, but before the Christmas decorations start to come down, I wanted to take one more look back at the Walt Disney World parks dressed up with their extra magic.Continue reading “I was Home for Christmas | 2018 Holiday Season at Walt Disney World”

A Day at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort | WDW Resort Guide Series

I’ve always said that a Disney trip is definitely more of an adventure than it is a relaxing vacation. A day at one of the Disney Parks can be one of the most magical experiences, but come on, it’s okay to admit that it can also be EXHAUSTING. The walking, the Florida summer sun, theContinue reading “A Day at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort | WDW Resort Guide Series”

Fresh at the Farmer’s Market

Is there anything better than a Saturday morning trip to your local farmer’s market? One of my favorites is in Winter Park, Florida, about 45 minutes northeast of WDW. Faison and I met yesterday morning forĀ a morning coffee and a stroll to kick the weekend off right. I’ve never been one to shy away fromContinue reading “Fresh at the Farmer’s Market”

A Toy with Accessories

Toy Story Land is the latest addition to Walt Disney World at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and I came ready for a nice, big, Andy’s backyard welcome! The theming of the land is based around the premise that when you enter, you’re shrunk down to the size of a toy, everything around you is larger thanContinue reading “A Toy with Accessories”

Strawberry Lemonade | Fruits in Style Pt. 1

Fruit is in season right now, at the grocery store as well as in your closet. If florals are Spring’s signature print, the bright colors of fruits have to make it Summer’s equivalent, and this trend is taking over my style just as much as it is filling my fridge. Now, for the ~juicy~ detailsContinue reading “Strawberry Lemonade | Fruits in Style Pt. 1”

Style on Target | $100 Target Gift Card Giveaway

I’ve always had a passion and a love for clothes. I don’t think that makes me unique among the members of my sex, most of us do. If you asked my friends, they would agree that I’m usually in a better mood when I like my outfit (I’m not proud of that, but hey, selfContinue reading “Style on Target | $100 Target Gift Card Giveaway”