Dapper Day

Ah, Dapper Day. I have such a love/hate relationship with Dapper Day. I absolutely love the idea behind it, of dressing up for a Disney park day the way Guests did in the 1950’s when Disneyland first opened. The retro and vintage inspired looks are already what I try to incorporate into my every day style, so Dapper Day never really feels all that different or special to me. What I do enjoy is seeing the outfits and dapper bounds that everyone else comes up with, and I’ve never met a lace glove or a parasol that I didn’t like, so I still dress up and go and enjoy the people watching!

Photo Apr 28, 15 30 39

My look for this year’s Spring Dapper Day did not go according to plan. I brainstormed and came up with an idea in early March, and had my dress ordered on March 22nd, but it shipped from overseas, and unfortunately did not make it through customs on time for the outing on April 28th. But, one of the advantages of having a vintage inspired wardrobe already, is that this beautiful 1950’s inspired green dress from eShakti was waiting in my closet, and it was the perfect back up to my original plan.

Photo Apr 28, 17 31 35 (1)

Being on the taller end of the spectrum for a girl at 5’10”, finding dresses at a length that I like (and that covers my butt) is somewhat challenging, which is what initially drew me to eShakti. eShakti allows total customization of their designs, meaning you can change the sleeve style, neckline, and length, to fit exactly what you are looking for. This particular off-the-shoulder belted shirtdress design originally came in an above knee-length style, and I chose to add a bit of length to it to make it more period appropriate, and to make sure a gust of wind or an over-enthusiastic twirl didn’t reveal the goods.

Photo Apr 28, 15 40 31
Twirling approved!

For my accessories, I used a cloche hat, t-strap heels, lace gloves, an old-fashioned Alice in Wonderland key bracelet, all of which I already had in my closet, and this picnic basket bag (borrowed from Chelsea, thanks girl!).

Photo Apr 28, 15 39 38 (1)

Photo Apr 28, 15 42 58

However, my most important accessory of the day had to be my boyfriend, Matthew. He’s accompanied me to Dapper Days in the past, usually just using dress clothes he already had, but this time, he surprised me by really being excited about it and wanting to shop for a new look of his own to wear. I might be biased, but I think his look came together better than mine did, and I was so proud to be on his arm (and at one point when my heels were hurting my feet, IN his arms) all day!

Photo Apr 28, 15 55 24 (1)

Photo Apr 28, 17 32 16

Photo Apr 28, 17 32 36

So another Dapper Day came and went, and another outfit did not go as planned, but it always has a way of working out in the end. Keep an eye on the blog for another post featuring my original dress once it gets here! (Any guesses on who my dapper bound was going to be based on Matthew’s outfit?! Let me know in the comments!)

Til next time,



Photo Apr 28, 17 32 48
all photography by my wonderfully talented friend, Faison.

Disclaimer; some of the items featured in this post were gifted to me, but please trust I would never recommend anything that I did not wholeheartedly love! Happy Dapper Day!

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