The Pink Palace

I’ve lived in Florida for 7 years, and I’ve always been pretty stuck in the Central Florida Theme Park bubble, never straying too far out for any kind of adventure. So when my friends Faison and Chelsea asked me if I’d heard the rumors in St. Petersburg, FL (any Anastasia fans out there??) about a hotel nicknamed the “Pink Palace,” we took a road trip over to Florida’s west coast and checked out The Don CeSar Hotel.


The Don CeSar opened in 1928, and has a pretty rich and fascinating history, even playing host to Author F. Scott Fitzgerald, which isn’t surprising as it would have been the perfect location for one of Gatsby’s luxurious parties. In fact, they even have a private party room available for rent named, you guessed it, the Gatsby. (Fun story, we went on a hunt to find it because we initially thought it would be a speakeasy-style bar. It was not. Missed opportunity there, if you ask me.)


I’m a big believer in dressing for the occasion, and this place was a resort wear dream. Being a Florida resident I had plenty of pieces that fit right in with this aesthetic already  in my closet, but this Palm Print dress from Pinup Girl Clothing felt like it was made to be worn around this hotel.





I felt right at home running around the Don in this dress, and even took it for a spin on some of the most sugary white sand my bare feet have ever touched. (The water was frigid, swimming was not an option, even if I didn’t suffer from a crippling fear of being in a body of water that other living creatures call home.)





I’m already excited for the next adventure outside of our usual routine, and if we end up back at the Don CeSar I certainly won’t be complaining.

Til next time,



Photography by Faison Anne

What I’m Wearing:

red skirt (similar) white off the shoulder top (similar)

striped crop top (exact) striped crop top (similar) gray wide leg pants (similar) fun wheel necklace (exact)

pink palm print dress (exact)




4 thoughts on “The Pink Palace

  1. I am still so obsessed with this dress! Ever since you shared it on insta, it just CALLS me! Can’t wait to read more & congrats on the new blog 💗


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