Strawberry Lemonade | Fruits in Style Pt. 1

Fruit is in season right now, at the grocery store as well as in your closet. If florals are Spring’s signature print, the bright colors of fruits have to make it Summer’s equivalent, and this trend is taking over my style just as much as it is filling my fridge.

Photo Jun 25, 14 25 21
Photography by Faison Anne Photography

Photo Jun 25, 13 31 31 (1)

Photo Jun 25, 14 26 19

Photo Jun 25, 14 25 40

Now, for the ~juicy~ details on this look. My fruit obsession started with Brooke over at Nail Alchemy giving me the manicure of my taste bud’s wildest dreams. With a fruit on each nail of my right hand, and lemon yellow covering my left, my nails were, as the kids are saying, looking like a (healthy) SNACK.

Photo Jun 25, 13 48 36


For the rest of my look, I paired this lemon printed crop top and skirt set with a strawberry mini bucket bag for a sweet look with a little bit of a sour edge, just like a glass of the perfect summer treat, strawberry lemonade. With my favorite pair of strappy sandals, a straw hat, and yellow beaded tassel earrings, I hit a local soda shop and ordered all of my favorite treats.

Photo Jun 25, 14 13 47

Photo Jun 25, 13 47 35

Photo Jun 25, 13 45 25

Photo Jun 25, 13 50 57
Strawberry Bag by Harveys

Photo Jun 25, 13 43 12

Photo Jun 25, 14 21 02

Photo Jun 25, 14 21 51

I had so much fun with this outfit, but it didn’t quite quench my fruit styling craving. I’ve got a few more fruity looks coming to the blog this summer, stay tuned!

Til next time,



Photo Jun 25, 14 25 00

Disclaimer; some of the items featured in this post were gifted to me, but I would never wear or recommend something I didn’t love!



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