A Toy with Accessories

Toy Story Land is the latest addition to Walt Disney World at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and I came ready for a nice, big, Andy’s backyard welcome! The theming of the land is based around the premise that when you enter, you’re shrunk down to the size of a toy, everything around you is larger than life, and I went in ready to Play Big!

Photo Jul 08, 11 56 35
Photography by Faison Anne Photography

I knew if I was going to play the part of a toy, I would definitely come with some killer ~accessories~, and it didn’t take a game of Hide and Seek for me to find the Irregular Choice Toy Story collection.

Photo Jul 08, 11 44 05

Photo Jul 08, 11 47 39

Photo Jul 08, 11 58 56

These are, by far, the most rootinest tootinest shoes a cowgirl could ever dream of. Inspired by and featuring everyone’s favorite yodeling cowgirl, Jessie, these Peep Toe Pumps were MADE to be unboxed at Toy Story Land. I even had Andy’s signature on the bottom of my shoes, so I truly felt like an honorary Toy running around Andy’s backyard.

Photo Jul 08, 11 42 53

Photo Jul 08, 11 56 49

Photo Jul 08, 11 57 34 (1)
Approval from the Main Cowgirl herself!

Photo Jul 08, 11 57 29

When my time was up as an honorary Toy and I was ready to head back out of Toy Story Land to adventure around the rest of Hollywood Studios, I decided to hang up my cowgirl accessory shoes in favor of something a little more practical. (I hope you guys didn’t think I actually walked around the park all day in heels, and come on, the best toys ALWAYS came with outfit changes.)

Photo Jul 08, 11 52 49

Photo Jul 08, 11 52 36

Til next (play)time,



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