Fresh at the Farmer’s Market

Is there anything better than a Saturday morning trip to your local farmer’s market? One of my favorites is in Winter Park, Florida, about 45 minutes northeast of WDW. Faison and I met yesterday morning for a morning coffee and a stroll to kick the weekend off right.



I’ve never been one to shy away from dressing for an occasion, and this gingham crop top and pants set from Red Dress Boutique was made for picking out orchids and sampling fresh juice and kombucha.




Spending time with my sweet friend Faison and her family is always one of the highlights of my week. She’s responsible for all of the photos in this blog post (and almost every other one), her talent is inspiring and immense and I am so fortunate to know her.



Faison’s husband Peter even got in on the creative fun and put together a cool little behind-the-blog-post video look at our day!

I already can’t wait til next weekend!

Til next time,



P.S. my entire outfit, head to toe, was gifted to me and is available at Red Dress Boutique!

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