Honey, I Rose Up From the Dead, I Do It All the Time | Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 29

Ah, spooky season.

I’ve always had a complicated relationship with Halloween time, and especially Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights event. Being a horror baby used to be part of how I described myself, but with this being my 5th consecutive year attending HHN, I can say that I have officially evolved into a ~scream queen~.




Even the thought of this event used to genuinely terrify me. I was the type of person that had to change the channel when even a preview of a scary movie came on (tbh sometimes I still do, it’s an ongoing evolution). The idea of placing myself in a very realistic horror setting, sometimes recreating those exact films that frightened me so much, felt like it was a bit too far out of my comfort zone.

It definitely took a few seasons for me to learn, adjust, and adapt (hellooooo EARPLUGS) to the incredible environment that Universal creates, but this has turned into something that I have found myself looking forward to, something that I crave, especially on Monday and Tuesday nights when the park takes a break from the slaughter.

Having friends to hold onto always helps. Especially when its @abbycorkins.



The coolest part of getting to go to HHN year after year is that it’s COMPLETELY different every single season. Ten entirely new haunted houses, and five completely unique scare zones, so you never get the same experience. My favorites this year are the Ghostbusters house (if you’re a fan of the movie, this is SO well done), and the neon lights of the Anarchade scare zone really make an impression at the entrance.



Universal has been D-I-E-ing to meet you.

While I am super excited about Christmas season at Universal Orlando (where I truly thrive to be honest), I am really looking forward to next year’s Horror Nights event. It will be the 30th anniversary, so I’m expecting exceptional frights, and I can’t wait to hear  the sound of screams again (mine and everyone else’s.)

Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights really is the best, most elaborate and most frightfully themed Halloween event in all of the Orlando area theme parks. Whether you are a thrill-seeking Halloween fiend or lean more towards the scaredy-cat end of the spectrum, HHN is a can’t-miss event, and while Universal will do their best to make it seem otherwise, the odds of survival are pretty good.

CLICK HERE for all of your Universal Orlando ticketing needs, and I’ll see you out there!

til next time,



P.S. this post was sponsored by BestofOrlando.com, but I wouldn’t send you out there if I didn’t actually love this event, I promise.

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