What’s This? Harveys Nightmare Before Christmas Collection

What’s this? What’s this? There’s color everywhere!

With the arrival of October, the Halloween season is officially upon us, even though the Disney Parks have been celebrating since early August.  Halloween has never been one of my favorite holidays, I’ve always looked at it as more of a pit stop on the way to my favorite time of year, Christmas. But I think that’s why I have always had a soft spot for Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, because while it’s honestly more of a Halloween themed story, I appreciate that Jack can see and feel the wonder and magic that is Christmas time.

Photos by Faison Anne Photography

Now, just because Halloween isn’t my favorite, it doesn’t mean that I’m going to pass up an opportunity to celebrate it in style. My absolute favorite bag company, Harveys, released a collection inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas, and gifted me a bag to make sure I could kidnap the Sandy Claws- er, go trick or treating with the most appropriate accessory.




The pumpkins are the same pattern featured on Lock, Shock, and Barrel’s trick or treating sack that they used to mistakenly kidnap the Easter Bunny, and then successfully kidnap “Sandy Claws”, so this bag is definitely the perfect accessory for some mischief. The style I’m carrying is the Mini Streamline Tote, and will exclusively be available in the Disney Parks. If you’re not planning on visiting before Halloween is over, Harveys has a larger version of this style available online.







Halloween might not be my season, but I do love a good theme, and Harveys ALWAYS delivers the perfect accessory. I am always so proud to carry a Harveys bag, you won’t find a better brand made and run by better people.

Til next time,






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